Sensational gelato cup!


Allergic to wheat? Tired of gelato (ice cream) cups?
No worries.

We have something very special for you.



“Mochi (rice cake) cup” which is made from organic rice at Shimane prefecture.

You may already know that we have 100% rice gelato (
so if you combine these two it will be the world’s first 100% rice dessert with edible cups.

How amazing is that:)

There are dozens of tasty sweets using refined sugar, wheat and other unhealthy fats.
“Why not making it healthier?”
That’s the fist thing which came up to our mind.

There were ideas shaping the mochi into cones but didn’t end up well…
After failure upon failure we finally made this “Mochi (rice cake) cup”!

Nice and cold gelato + freshly made “Mochi cup” which is still hot
was the key to success.

Extra 100 yen and you can try this sensational gelato cup:P

Come in and try and feel the power of rice!
We will be open from 12:00 to 18:00 tmr.


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