Summer is here


Personally, I myself will spend summer in Japan for the first time in five years.

I’m starting to remember how it was like.. not loving this.


When outside is this humid and hot, my mouth misses all the tropical fruits!

Mango, papaya, passion fruits, pineapple…well we don’t have easy access to those fruits.

We have some regular fruit flavors; Mango orange, Black currant, and Strawberry and they’ve been popular since the beginning.

However since this humidity has hit this city, customers have started asking for more of these refreshing flavors.

For those fruits lovers, there is a great news!

Now we have some more fruity flavors 🙂



  • Italian Organic Lemon & Honey
  • Costarican Pineapple & Honey

Vegan (syojin);

  • Ume (plum) Sorbet – Japanese Plum from Kisyu –
  • Organic Coconuts; Thai style

Milk based;

  • Acai Berry & Banana Passion


Especially Lemon, Pineapple, and Ume sorbet are limited for this season!

For example, Ume (plum) is good when you are suffering from the summer heat as it contains organic acids like citric acid, which will recover your fatigue or loss of appetite.


And for the coconut flavor, we’ve chosen coconut milk from Thailand which has less astringent taste that people, especially Japanese people, wouldn’t enjoy.

Thanks for this beautiful organic coconut milk, our coconut gelato is rich, creamy and flavorful yet after taste is not heavy so is very enjoyable even in this heat.


Of course other flavors are also refreshing and delicious.

We have another blog talking about pineapple here, if you are interested!

【Ananas Sorbet!? 

Hopefully there will be more of fruits flavors… we’ll see 😉

Let’s get over this summer with us!




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