Ananas Sorbet!?

Hi everyone!

It’s really humid here in Kyoto because of the rainy season (tsuyu).
During this season it doesn’t rain every day but still the weather is unstable and lasts for several weeks.

instead of reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee
why not try our gelato?

There’s a perfect flavor for you!

—-drum roll—-

Pineapple Sorbet!!! (One of the customers told be “ananas” is the word for “pineapple” in many countries btw.)

“Oh that’s going to be super easy! Just simply freeze the juice with sugar.”
If that’s what you think the fact is not that simple.

As you might already know it’s really difficult to make jelly from raw pineapple juice.
Because the component inside the fruit breaks down the gelatin.

It will be much easier if we heat the fruit juice but it won’t taste good.

But we found a solution (sorry it’s a big secret so I can’t write it here) making this sunshine fresh and exotic pineapple gelato!

The gelato contains a lot of vitamin, mineral and iron:)
It’s beyond gelato!!

So come visit the perfect place for a delicious treat:P
We’re open from 12.00-18.00 today!

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