Here comes “Ninja” for ya’ll!!

Ciao gelato lovers 🙂

Let me ask you a question… you know Ninja?

I’ve heard that learning “ninjutsu (忍術)” has become popular in all around the world.

Ninjas are known for their extreme endurance and instantaneous power.

One of the essentials for building their strength was the food they ate, which was based on plant foods.

What if there is a gelato that contains those foods that gives you a ninja power…?

Well, here it comes, “The Ninja; traditional ninja food style”.


So what exactly were the foods they were eating?


First of all they had brown rice and fermented rice for their energy.

So we use a lot of Koji-amazake (麹甘酒), which is also known for drinkable intravenous drip, very nutritious, rich in amino acids and cleans your intestinal environment.


Another thing is legumes. They were for ninjas’ protein intake.

So we selected the best soy milk among the numbers of brand.

And using gorgeous golden sesame for richness.


There are also so many black colored foods added, like black rice, black sesame, black soy beans, black pine nuts and so on.

The color indicates that the food contains a lot of anthocyanin, an antioxidant which increases endurance power in you as it cleans your blood.

Like sesame, all these ingredients work together to increase the richness in this flavor.

I’m not trying to overwhelm you with all the information but there is one more essential ingredient; that is coral powder.

Coral powder contains more than 70 different types of minerals and we use this for most of the gelato we make here.

Especially we use the one that had no heat treatment so that makes gelatos very rich in calcium and magnesium. We added this nutritious powder to Ninja flavor hoping this could increase the health benefits of other ingredients!


This new flavor is contemporary 兵糧丸(Hyorogan was a preserved meal ninjas carried with them for their efficient nutritional intake in their busy life style).

This is a gelato for all the people living in this world full of refined foods.

Not only this will give you a great endurance, but the taste of course is delicious.

And you will surprise how can such a cold dessert makes your body warm, not metaphorically but literally!


We open everyday except Wednesdays from 12pm to 6pm.


Sorry for blabbing so much information, but we hope this gelato will make your memory in Kyoto more special and unforgettable 🙂


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