Drinks for Everyone

Hi everyone:)

We are writing this blog twice a week (if we are on schedule) and realized that we didn’t write anything about the beverage menu!

So here’s the menu↓

・Espresso Solo ¥350 inc VAT / Doppio ¥450 inc VAT

・Cappuccino ¥500 inc VAT


・Cafe Japonese (Japanese style coffee with deep roasted beans) ¥450 inc VAT


We use “Peace Coffee” which is from East Timor!

Plus it’s Organic & Fair trade certified:)

Since the coffee beans are naturally grown it’s not just bitter.

You can feel the energy of the land and the efficacy of the coffee by every sip.

It’s far different from a regular coffee!


There’s also…

・Today’s Organic Herb Tea  ¥350 inc VAT

・Deep Roasted Organic Brown Rice Coffee ¥350 inc VAT

・Umesho Bancha ¥350 inc VAT

・Iced Coffee ¥450 inc VAT

・Silica Water ¥150 inc VAT


And for those who want to try something else!

We have…

・Minoh Beer (Stout)

・Minoh Beer (Weizen)

・Iwate-kura Beer Sansho Pepper Ale

¥750 inc VAT / each


We will be open from 12:00 to 18:00 Today;)

Let’s make Fridays even better with your favourite gelato and beverage 😉



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