A Big Surprise to especially all vegans and vegetarians!

Dear all!!! And especially to those who are vegans and vegetarians,

We are ready to serve you the tastiest VEGAN GELATO in this world!

(If it’s not good enough, tell us why and we will refund the money to you)

Today I would like to introduce you the 8 new flavours (we don’t even use honey!!! It’s purely vegan).

•Special Sicilian Pistachio

•Belgium Chocolate

•Irabu Island Kokuto and Organic Kinako (Japanese dark brown sugar and roasted soy bean powder)

•Yuba (film that forms on the surface of boiled soy milk)

•Organic Hemp Seed

•The Wonder of  Olive Oil and Almond

•100% Rice Made: Roasted Brown Rice Caramel

•100% Rice Made: Dreamy Rice

Since the number of purely vegans are small in Japan we will keep these flavours at the temperature of -18℃.  (usually approx -10℃~-15℃)

This means we recommend you to wait for about 2~3 min before the miracle experience that you are about to have.

We will provide the gelato as a secret menu. (well… it’s not a secret anymore)

…so feel free to ask anything about the flavours:)

One last bit of information!

People who are vegetarians! We have 8 more flavours for you!

We will be open from 12:00~18:00 everyday except Wednesday.

Still not sure about the taste?

Come try our gelato and I’m sure that you’ll know what it’s about;)



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