100% Rice Gelato, only by us

Today I want to talk about one flavor that is really special for us.

I know there are millions of gelato flavors all around the world, probably even vegan gelatos you might have tried quite a few kinds.

However, there is this one flavor you can taste only at our shop, nowhere else in the world.

That is “Rice Gelato”, 100% made from rice. No-sugar, no-milk, no-flavouring agent, nothing but rice.

We call it “瑞穂の誉れ (mizuho-no kuni-no homare)”, meaning that our gelatiere proudly make this gelato as a person who are being born in a country producing beautiful delicious rice.

It might be hard to imagine how can rice turn into such a sweet creamy dessert.

Well, if you know, rice exits in many forms which gives it so much potential.

Famous example would be your favorite drink 酒 (sake), it is an absolute made-from-rice product.

Like sake, there are much more rice-based products and those products made it possible to make this special gelato.

People who tried this often say it tastes like caramel or coffee.

That mellow taste, we think is coming from “煎り玄米 (Iri-genmai)”, which is roasted brown rice that we use as one of the ingredients.

Also, some say the sweetness of this gelato is a little unique.

An ingredient that we use to give it a sweetness is “甘酒 (amazake)” which is a type of sake but very sweet and has no alcohol.

Amazake is known for its effect on anti-aging, improveing immune system and many more!

Not only amazake, but there are a few more fermented ingredients we use to make this gelato. I want to call it also a “guilt-free nutritional gelato”, really even a newborn baby can eat this as their baby food.

I know now you are thinking visiting us today but we open every day except Wednesdays.

So we are not opened today but if you ever visit us, try this flavor and let us know what you think 🙂


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