100% Rice gelato only one in the world!


Imagine that if you will ever experience 100% Rice gelato at Premarche Gelateria..

No one imagined that gelato can be made only and purely from Rice, but actually here it is as “Mizuho no Kuni no Homare (100% Rice gelato at Premarche Gelateria), which is the name I proudly give to this gelato meaning “ Honor of the rice country Japan”.

Rice, is as you know ,something that Japanese and most Asians are proud of and have deep attachment to, and as far as I know, rice is the only cereal that can make this happen.

Customers got surprised at the taste that they have never experienced and thankfully they loved it!

Well, to be honest, as a professional practitioner and distributor of organic/natural food, I have been very much interested in the rice related products, especially the potential of fermented and sprouted rice.

Now is the boom happening for fermented food, however, the history and effectiveness of the Japanese fermentation culture means a lot more. One example showing this is, when atomic bomb hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki, internationally the fermented food got attention internationally.

Rice and its related fermentation culture is something that make us “Japanese “ culture,spirit, body and mind.

Rice is the core in this fermentation culture, because its beautiful seeds include all aspects of the yin-yan within and outside.
I am afraid that too much emphasis on anti-carbohydrate will make some new problems in the near future.

By the way, “Mizuho no Kuni no Homare” reminded some people of the current political topic in Japan, however, it is nothing with this beautiful gelato.
I give this name to this special gelato because I love my country Japan and I am proud of being Japanese, and this feeling makes me believe that we can respect each other, and in the end, Japan is the country that is creating and should create the harmony in the world with our open heart and mind.

Gelato is just a gelato, but sometimes, more than a gelato.



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